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Rangpur at A Glance

The Rangpur district is situated in the northern part of Bangladesh. Recently Rangpur hold the position of Divsinal Head Quater of Rangpur Divsion. In the united India, it was the District of Assam (1772). Rangpur is a place of old heritage, culture and history. Rangpur is expanding as a Divisional City with new design & plan of pollution free healthy environment.

Begum Rokeya, the Pioneer of Women Education in this Sub-continent (1880-1932) born in this District. She had struggled her whole life for female education and social honor of women as a human being in the society demanding equal rights for all. In her memory an Educational & Vocational Training Centre (Begum Rokeya Kendra) has been established in her birth place (Pairaband, Mithapukur, Rangpur).

Raja Ram Mohon Roy, who struggled for elimination of ‘Satidah Protha’ in Hindu custom, was a Govt. employee in Rangpur during the British era. A beautiful building named Raja Ram Mohon Roy market & club established after his name in the central town.

A famous Educational Institution of this Sub-continent the ‘Carmichael College’ was established in the name of Sir Carmichael by the initiatives and contribution of local Jamindars in Rangpur.

“Tajhat Raj Bari” is an old Jaminder House, now is a heritage museum situated near Mahiganj, an ancient Rangpur town.

A religious leader, Hajrat Mowlana Keramat Ali (R. A.) (1800-1873) came in Rangpur from his birth place Uttar Prodesh of undivided India for preaching of Islam. A Mosque (Keramotia Mosque) has been established after his name where many people gather everyday & praying with devotion to Almighty Allah.

In 1971, peoples from all areas of Rangpur had a historical role during the great Liberation War for Independence of Bangladesh. Many political, literary, social reformers were born in Rangpur. Mr. Monajat Uddin (1945-1995), a famous Journalist was born here.

There are many monuments, sculptures are built in this city, “Vinnoya Jagat” a recreation venue is situated near this city, where many people come from various parts of the country for picnic & recreation.